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Interested in Rams Baseball Club?

Our youth baseball club is a school team club that is under the guidance of the SEP high school baseball program and staff.  Our goal is to develop our players together now, so they are ready to play at a high level when they reach high school and win high school state championships!

Your club fee gets you access to the following opportunities:

  • Minimum of 6 tournaments (averaging 3+ games per tournament)
  • Access to our indoor facility in East Des Moines with access to our HitTrax baseball simulator
  • Access to outdoor facilities in Altoona
  • Free camps and clinics hosted by SEP high school staff
  • Family events during the season

We are planning more exciting opportunities for our players and teams for the next year as well.  We strive to offer the same baseball experience as tournament clubs in the area but at half the cost!  Since we are a school team club, you can guarantee that our high school coaches that oversee our baseball club are fully invested in the long term development of our players.

New To Rams Baseball Club?

Below is a description of the process for joining RBC:

  1. Register for tryouts (starting July 1st).  At the time of registration, you can choose two different payment options:
    • Pay the club fee and tryout deposit together.
    • Choose the Payment Plan option, which will include only the tryout deposit due at registration and the remainder amount will be collected an a recurring basis. 
  2. Participate in tryouts (July 23 and 30th).
  3. Player evaluation based on tryouts and prior season input (if applicable), will be considered and teams will be created based on grade/age/skill level.
  4. Player invites indicating the placement on a team, will be dispersed to identified players (target beginning of August).
  5. If the placement is accepted, the remainder of the club fee will be collected (if the payment plan option was chosen).  If the player is unable to be placed on a team, all funds (including the tryout deposit) will be refunded. 


Our goal is to match your player's current skills and knowledge with others that have similar abilities, to encourage an atmosphere for the entire team an opportunity to grow together.

2024 Registration is Open

Click on here to go to our registration page

Scholarships Available!

If you are interested in participating in RBC but are concerned about the cost, please reach out to a member on our board to see if you qualify for a scholarship opportunity.